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10 Reasons Why Spring Vale Primary is Amazing

1) We are a TEAM

Everyone is so kind, and respectful each other. If you have a problem, or are worried, you can always talk to a member of staff or peer supporter – they’re always there for you.

2) One school, many cultures!

Our school family is made up of 26 languages and a mix of amazing cultures and faiths. We all get to learn from one another!

3) The staff are amazing!

The teachers make all the subjects really interesting. They always know how to get the best out you. Best of all, you never need to worry – they’re there to help if you’re struggling with any problems.

4) Our Experience Roadmaps

In each year group, you have a checklist of experiences you’ll have. From building bug hotels to kayaking – its all great fun!

5) We keep active!

Everyone gets a chance to have a go at a sport. We’ve got our own dance and gym teacher and we have sports coaches to teach PE. We go swimming and love to enter team competitions in all sorts of sports!

6) Technology

We have iPads and laptops to use in our lessons, which are great for discovering new things. Our teachers love to use technology in our learning!

7) Learning Music

Everyone gets a chance to learn a musical instrument during their time at Spring Vale. We practise our singing every week with our expert music teacher!

8) The great outdoors!

We have lots of green space, a forest and even a pond! We get the chance to go outside in the fresh air to learn new, exciting things. No matter the weather, we can get outdoors, and sometimes we get wet and muddy which is great fun!

9) The food!

The food is really tasty, and there’s always something you like. All the kitchen staff look after you really well to make sure you get want you want, and are happy at mealtimes.

10) The Breakfast and After School Club

We get a great breakfast and do things that are really fun. At the After School Club, we do lots of interesting activities that make the time fly by!

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