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At Spring Vale Primary, we firmly believe that reading should be fun and not a chore. Children have lots of opportunities to read in school throughout the day. There are books, magazines, children’s newspapers, comics and online reading texts available in class, the library and on the playground during break times. We encourage pupils to read at home every day and ask parents to sign their reading record to say that they have heard their child read. We teach phonics through the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme. This is taught in small groups, 3 times a week, in Foundation, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two (where appropriate).

Reading Leader - Mrs K West



In addition to this, we believe in giving children the opportunity to create high quality writing, through reading, skills practise, drafting and editing. We use a range of stimuli from Classic Texts, such as Treasure Island, visual literacy and cross curricular links to inspire our children. Vocabulary remains a key driver in the teaching of writing, exposing children to a language-rich curriculum from our Foundation Stage.


Writing Leader Mrs E Cope

English Long Term Plans

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