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Aims & Mission Statement

Together with friends, families and community we care for ourselves, each other, our school and our world.

Everyone has access to a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum, whatever their gender, race, ethnicity or ability.

Achieving our best is what we aim for every day we come to school.

More independence makes better learners and helps us to become good citizens.


Our Statement of Equal Opportunities


At Spring Vale Primary School, people will not be treated differently, or be made to feel unhappy:


  • Because they are a girl

  • Because they are a boy

  • Because of their name

  • Because of the colour of their skin

  • Because of the shape of their body

  • Because they wear glasses or a brace

  • Because of their family or home situation

  • Because of their religion

  • Because they are disabled

  • Because they find something difficult


At Spring Vale Primary School, every child has the right to learn in a caring, happy and safe environment, without fear of intimidation or bullying. They also have a right to privacy and the opportunity to talk to a fellow student or member of staff confidentially about something that is concerning them.


(Written and agreed by the children at Spring Vale Primary School)

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