Year Group Overviews


Click on each year group to see what we learn about over Autumn and Spring Term. For our Foundation Stage, please see our class pages.


Y1 - Where do we live? 

Y2 - Oh I do like to be beside the seaside! 

Y3 - Rainforest Explorers

Y4 - A Viking Invasion! 

Y5 - Extreme Earth! 

Y6 - The World at War

Y1 - Toys and Homes in the Past

Y2 - The Great Fire of London

Y3 - Stone Age to Iron Age 

Y4 - An Italian Investigation!

Y5 -  The Ancient Mayans

Y6 - Around the Ancient World in 80 Days

Y1 - Transport

Y2 - In the spotlight - Famous People

Y3 - Ancient Rome

Y4 - Ancient Egypt!

Y5 - The Victorians

Y6 - Trade and Tourism