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At Spring Vale Primary School we believe that computing should permeate the curriculum, allowing our children to develop the skills to enhance their learning journey and safely navigate the digital world. We believe that computing should be a tool for learning. Effective computing, coupled with well trained, competent and enthusiastic staff, allows our children to develop the necessary computing skills needed for lifelong learning in the 21st Century.

Computing comprises of three strands, which will be delivered to ensure a balanced curriculum:

  1. Computer Science - The study of the foundational principles and practices of computation and computational thinking, and their application in the design and development of computer systems.

  2. IT - the creative and productive use and application of computer systems, hardware and software.

  3. Digital Literacy - the ability of learners to use, express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology with regard to safeguarding and online etiquette.

Computing Subject Lead: Mr A Andreas

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