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Design and Technology

D&T combines three aspects; design, make and evaluate. D&T encourages children to think critically and creatively to solve problems whilst fostering creativity by allowing children to explore their imaginations and express their ideas in tangible forms. It encourages them to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions. Pupils at Spring Vale acquire practical life skills through D&T such as knowledge and understanding of materials and components, mechanisms and control systems, structures, existing products, quality and health and safety. We want our pupils to feel success when completing a D&T project and use evaluation as a tool to boost self-confidence and esteem. The skills learned in D&T also help with learning across the curriculum. Knowledge about the properties of materials helps in science and the practice of measuring accurately helps in maths. These skills help in IT through the children’s use of computer control and, naturally, in art and design.

Subject Leader: Miss K Patel

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