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R.E has a mission for tolerance and respect for all in the community and of the different. Spring Vale is a community of different nationalities, cultures and faith groups. We celebrate our diversity and offer a welcoming environment for all of our pupils “whatever their gender, race, ethnicity or ability”.

RE is a subject the celebrate s diversity and provides an opportunity to celebrate and foster an awareness of our differences in our school and in the wider world. By exploring issues within and across faiths we believe that pupils will learn to understand and respect faiths other than their own and will develop respect for other religions, beliefs, values and traditions.

Within RE we encourage the children to ask questions, make personal reflections. Children will be encouraged to think and explore, express and explain their own ideas, enabling them to make reasoned and informed judgments on religious , moral and social issues. By developing their sense of identity and belonging children will be better prepared for a life in a multicultural society.

RE Lead: Mrs Heywood-Cross

Please note the RE Curriculum is in line with the Wolverhampton Agreed Syllabus 2021-26. More information can be found here.

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