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At Spring Vale Primary School, we value Science because it makes an increasingly important contribution in all aspects of life and provides children with a consistency of skills to adapt to an ever-changing world. All children are naturally curious about their environment and Science makes an invaluable contribution to their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live in. Science is a body of knowledge built up through experimental testing of ideas. Science is also methodology, a practical way of finding reliable answers to questions we may ask about the world around us. Science in our school is about building experiences and knowledge by immersing children in the world around them and developing children’s ideas and ways of working to enable them to make sense of the world through investigation, as well as using and applying foundation skills.

We believe that a broad and balanced science education is the entitlement of all children, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, class, aptitude, or disability. Our aim is for children to have a sense of excitement and curiosity about the natural world and to work collaboratively and practically to investigate and experiment using a range of methods to communicate scientific information in a systematic, scientific manner. We want our curriculum offer to allow children to develop understanding of the nature, processes, and methods of science through different types of science enquiries in order to understanding the uses and implications for science today and in the future.

Subject Leaders: Mr T Kelly / Miss R Lester

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