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The mathematics curriculum at Spring Vale has been designed to be ambitious in expectations of all learners from Nursery to Year 6 with an emphasis on reasoning and applying mathematics to create life long mathematicians. The three aims of the National Curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem solving) are addressed during every mathematics lesson - children are taught skills and then complete challenges to apply their learning in each lesson followed by a ‘One last Challenge…’ to stretch learners at the end of each session and encourage children to challenge their own thinking. Practical and context-based resources allow children to make links between their learning and the world around them. We have utilised and adapted White Rose maths as an approach that supports our Nursery and Reception children to develop their conceptual understanding of mathematics as well as supporting our KS1 and KS2 children with their mathematical thinking. We believe timestables are the key to unlocking mathematical ability - in Key Stage 2, children can earn badges to celebrate their achievements in this area of maths. 

Subject Leader: Miss K Davis

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